What is AudienceMojo.com?

AudienceMojo.com is a community powered site that helps indie brands, small businesses reach bigger audience through smart use of promotions. By doing this, we make it easy for consumers to discover new brands for less.


How can AudienceMojo.com help brands and influencers?

For indie brands, small businesses, we are here to get you bigger audience. 

We'll make that happen by actively engaging with your target consumers on social media, and get them talk about your brands, submit and share your speical deals on AudienceMojo.com and beyond. In return, you have all your promotions in one place, and a community what cares and supports you.

For fans, bloggers, influencers, come share promo codes, coupons, deals from your favorite indie brands, help them get bigger audience. In the meantime, you get to discover more cool brands for less. 


What technology goes behind AudienceMojo.com?

AudienceMojo.com is a community powered special offer marketplace with thousands users and growing fast. Before our recent launch (mid 2017), We have spent over a year developing a comprehensive social media listening backend, and a deal-publishing frontend, plus a thriving influencer-brand community.

Special offers on AudienceMojo can be used to acquire new customers, get new social followers, and email subscribers, all powered by our social listening, deal publishing marketing software.


Got a deal from your favorite brands? Submit a promo code